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Bothered by Background Noise?

For most people, hearing loss is not a sudden, dramatic occurrence. It sneaks up on them. They are not suddenly unable to hear anything. They gradually start missing out on the quieter parts of conversations. Other people call their attention to the oven timer (alarm clock, cell phone, seat-belt warning, etc.) sound that is going off and needs reset. Background noise makes hearing conversations more difficult than it used to be, or phone conversations become much more difficult than “face-to-face” meetings.

The concentration required to participate in meetings or gatherings becomes physically and mentally exhausting. It seems like everyone has started to “mumble”; not speaking clearly or distinctly enough to be understood. In social situations, it begins to seem like everyone around is whispering (and why would they do that unless they didn’t want you to hear)? After asking people to repeat themselves more than once, and still not understanding them, it becomes very easy to withdraw from situations that are uncomfortable, tiring, no longer offer as much information, and might cause embarrassment.

If any of these situations are familiar, your hearing may have deteriorated to the point where hearing aids can significantly improve your life. Let us help reconnect you with the important people in your life.