Custom Earmolds

The following are some of the advantages of having custom earmolds for hearing aids for your personal listening:

– Improved audibility and clarity : Sound is channeled directly to the ear drum
– Secure in the ear : No more readjusting to get the best sound
– Completely comfortable : Perfect custom fit for long wearing times
– Reduces noise interference : Snug seal cuts out background noise

iPOD (or any MP3 Player)
Custom iPod earmolds are very important, especially for a teenager. With the snug seal, background noise is eliminated, and the listener will not have to turn the volume up so loud to be able to hear the music. The fit of the custom mold is also convenient so the listener does not have to readjust every so often.

Custom hearing protection molds protect ears from getting harmed by loud machinery. Mowing the grass may seem harmless, but over time the loud noise of the lawn mower can harm ears. These molds protect against this loud noise. Construction workers are around loud machinery every day. After a while, those workers’ ears will be harmed and will begin to lose hearing. But with our custom hearing protection earmolds, every ear can stay safe.