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Having Fun at Your Christmas Party!

  1. Find a good spot:  Look for an area that is quiet and well lit, while avoiding places near speakers or other noisemakers like fans or A/C units. Try to sit with your back to the sun to avoid glare on people’s faces when lipreading. If conditions change, find a different spot.
  2. Take a time out:  Take breaks from socializing to give your ears and brain a rest if needed. Head to the restroom, find a quiet spot to relax for a few minutes, or take a walk around the block. Small pauses help me reenergize for another round of socializing.
  3. Relax and have fun:  Bring reasonable expectations and your sense of humor with you. You might not hear everything that everyone says, but that is ok. If one group is harder to hear, find another to join. Laugh when hearing misfires occur – many can be quite funny if you let them. Remember to enjoy the warmth of the sun on your skin. Summer will be over in no time but Little Rock Audiology will always be here to help.