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Workplace Noise Facts

Did you know?

  1. Four million Americans work amid hazardous noise levels every day.
  2. Occupational noise is a key culprit in hearing loss that occurs in adulthood.
  3. Workers’ compensation for hearing loss disability amounts to about $242 million each year.
  4. Some 34% of those exposed to workplace noise report that they skip hearing protection.
  5. More than 31 million Americans ages 6 to 69 have permanent hearing damage due to noise.
  6. Loud noise can destroy the inner ear’s hair cells, a crucial, irreplaceable part of healthy hearing.
  7. Quality hearing protection reduces noise intensity while still allowing the sounds you want to hear.
  8. Exposure to excess noise can lead to tinnitus, a common and potentially debilitating problem of buzzing, humming, or ringing in one or both ears.
  9. Hearing loss due to noise exposure is cumulative and could go unnoticed until years later, but the damage may continue to occur and be irreversible.